How does a session take place?

1st session

Through a personalized and meticulous interview (duration of the 1st session 1h30/2h approx.), we discuss together the personal and singular signs that best characterize you at the time of the session.
The inventory and analysis of these signs then allow me to offer you an homeopathic solution in a liquid dose which aims at restoring your physical, mental and energetic balance in a gentle and lasting way.

Follow-up session

In order to follow the evolution of the signs as closely as possible, one or more follow-up sessions are necessary (depending on the signs' intensity and seniority).
We will assess together the evolution of each sign (intensity, frequency, duration, etc…), by comparing it with its initial state and to adapt if necessary the Homeopathic solution initially proposed.
The interval between the 1st session and the follow-up session is generally one month maximum. If further follow-up sessions are necessary, these can usually be further apart in time.

The purpose of my support is to allow you to find a state of balance, body-mind harmony.

Note: the homeopathic solution recommended during the session in no way replaces a so-called classical medicine treatment and any medical treatment in progress must be strictly followed according to the recommendations of the allopathic doctor.

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